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Domestic transport

We transport service throughout Hungary 1000 kg 25000 kg. A modern fleet of vehicles is the competitive, fast, accurate and safe transport of goods basis. Logistics system greets- enabled *, We do allow for fast transport for you too, compliance with the delivery time.

International transport

Our fleet consists of European standards 1-25 tons of carrying capacity 5-120 M3 vehicles, satellite vehicle tracking system, to allow for our partners, their capacity to keep track.


Our storage facilities in Budapest and Miskolc logistics services we offer to our partners. Infor- We are using our matikai products, loading, TRANS-, packaging, storage, the provision of on-demand, court administration to duty.


With the support of the European Union on the ROAD 66 Ltd. motor vehicle repair- szerviztechnikai workshop and the PowerStation near Felsőzsolca that industrial park. The investment cost is close to 200.000.000 HUF, of which 98.500.000 FT was non-refundable EU subsidy, by ÉMOP-2011-1.1.1/F "Site Developer-
we have been under construction in el.